Friday, May 18, 2007

War Memorial Funds Needed

Spree has been so kind as to help get the word out.

Wake up America

Now I am asking that we as Americans step up and show the Veterans that we stand proudly behind them.

Quick update: I have been on the phone with Mr. Velasco who is a disabled Veteran in Beeville, TX. He will be spear heading all collections from his end and we will tie in directly with the Veterans in Beeville! He is getting help setting up from the Veterans in Corpus Christi. We will have the Memorial back up with the help of America!

As of 05/20/27 donations are at $468.00

Copied directly from the KRISTV.COM:

BEEVILLE - There was a somber sight in the city of Beeville Tuesday night, as a war memorial honoring veterans killed in four wars was completely destroyed.

That memorial once stood as five granite panels, with the names of 45 veterans who lost their lives, paying the ultimate sacrifice. But Tuesday, the memorial lies in pieces at the city's maintenance yard.

Local veterans said they're not sure when the memorial was vandalized. They say it looks like someone took their car and just rammed into it. The memorial was erected in 1989 and residents there said they're devastated by it's vandalism, because it's more than just rock - it's a symbol of freedom.

"This particular war memorial has World War I, World War II, Korean and Vietnam. And so it has quite a bit of names," Vietnam War veteran Ram Chavez said.

Now, veterans there are asking for help from anyone who can help raise the money to replace and repair that memorial.

The vandalism of the memorial has Beeville veterans saddened, and others are outraged. It even brought one veteran to tears.

Behind the broken tablets of granite, were the broken hearts of local veterans.

"That monument there, don't have the advantage of defending itself, like I do, or you do," Korean War veteran Magdaleno R. Velasco said.

Velasco, 88, served 26 years in the Army, he was wounded in the right foot during the Korean War.

"I can walk a little, but my fellow soldiers, they lose a leg or a hand and they're in wheelchairs," Velasco said.

Vietnam War veteran Ram Chavez of Corpus Christi said the memorial honored the lives of those who sacrificed greatly for their country.

"It has names of young men who just didn't get the opportunity to do anything," Chavez said. "Ride a motorcycle, be a teacher, coach...have children. They were 17, 18, 19, 20 year olds killed in action."

Chavez said that while those who died will never be replaced, he hopes their memorial will be.

"The damage, those memories are lost and that cannot happen," Chavez said. "If we forget the names, then we'll forget everyone that's made us free."

Police are not investigating incident at this point, saying there's no way to determine if memorial was vandalized. Or damaged by accident. Veterans said they hope local businesses will help raise the money to rebuild it.

The memorial cost $10,000 when it was built in 1989.

Online Reporter: Abby Dunn


Let's step up and let our Veterans know that we support them.

Donations can be made here -


spree said...

Just made a donation, please let me know when they contacted you!!!

CavMom said...

I creatively searched until I found them!

Mr Velasco is mailing all pertinent info via US Postal service. He is also sending us the contact info for Mr. Chavez who is helping from Corpus.

spree said...

Man, you are quick!!! Wonderful woman you are.

a.k.a. Blandly Urbane said...

A definite Three Cheers!!!!!!!!!

SSG Thul said...

Posted on this and added my donation.

spree said...

ssg Thul, thank you. We are discussing now methods to keep a running total so everyone knows how much has been collected. CavMom and I are also waiting to get the information of who will be handling the rebuilding project itself, so that all donations can be directly deposited into their accounts.

This memorial will get rebuilt thanks to people like you.

CavMom said...

I am having trouble logging in. I just wanted everyone to know the current total is $165.00.

Thank you to all who have stepped up to help.

Let's get the word out!

spree said...

I have the donation button on two more blogs now and will be going around to other blogs monday morning to ask them to carry the doantion button until BeeVille has their money to rebuild their memorial.

spree said...

I also just notified the 910/Vigilant Freedom group to ask them to get behind this effort also.

BigDog from GOE Forums has also asked to help so I sent him the information.

It is SO great to see people rally to help in this effort.

CavMom said...

Fantastic work Spree!

spree said...

Same to you CavMom, now I am off to get some shopping done, then back to email another list of a dozen organizations to try to help with this effort.