Monday, June 4, 2007

Update from Corpus Christi

(The memorial at the Nueces County Courthouse damaged last year)

(One of the five broken panels)

(Beeville Veterans)

(Alaniz Family at the baseball field)

I received an email from Ram Chavez that I am going to share:

Last year the Vietnam and Korean War Memorial at the Nueces County Courthouse in Corpus Christi was vandalized and damaged on a quiet weekend. When I received the call, immediately drove to the courthouse on a Sunday morning. I called the media and within a few hours after the news, the Weaver Brothers came forward and clean the memorial of graffiti and began the restoration of the memorials. The mobilization of so many veterans to help clean and restore the memorial was a great motivation for our veterans.

Once again it has happen again, in Beeville at the Veterans Memorial Park and in Corpus Christi at Andy Alaniz Pony League Baseball Field.

Committees and memorial funds were set up and now we can move to began fund raising projects to restore the memorials. Both memorials represent the young men who lost their lives in defending this great country of ours.

It is sad that we are at War in Iraq and Afghanistan, and this is happening to our memorials.

Andy Alaniz Memorial

Sometime after the baseball games on Tuesday April 24, 2007, the Spec. Andy Alaniz memorial plaque was stolen from the Andy Alaniz Pony League Field. Andy Alaniz was killed during the Gulf War in 1991 and a memorial plaque was dedicated for his participation in the little and pony leagues as a teenager.

Andy Alaniz was one of the four killed during Desert Storm from the Texas Coastal Bend, and the only one killed from Corpus Christi. Mrs. Alaniz called me to let me know what had happen and see what we could do to find the memorial plaque, but she wanted to wait and see if the original plaque would be found.

A police report was made, and they have been looking for the plaque and nothing has been bound. Recently, she realized that it would not be found. The committee will report soon on the cost of a new memorial to replace the lost bronze plaque.

Beeville Veterans Memorial

On May 2, 2007, I received a call from Mr. M. R. Velasco, a Korean War Veteran and told me that the memorials in Beeville had been destroyed and wanted me to come to Beeville and see what could be done to bring the veterans and the community together to restore the memorials. The Beeville Veterans Memorial Dedicated in 1987 has been vandalized and completed destroyed. The memorial was dedicated to honor the Beeville veterans killed in World War I, World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War and it has brought suddenness to the veterans in Beeville and surrounding communities.

After several phone calls and phone conferences with the commanders of the Veterans’ organizations and Mr. Eloy Rodriguez in Beeville a committee was formed and a memorial fund and address was established.

Donations may be mail to the following Memorial Funds mailing addresses:

Andy Alaniz Memorial Fund Beeville Veterans Memorial Fund
Send to:

VFW Post 9170
Memorial Fund
P. O. Box 147
Beeville, TX. 78102

Memorial Fund
For Andy Alaniz
P. O. Box 8606
Corpus Christi, TX. 78468

And we are accepting donations thru paypal. We have currently collected $557.00 for the Beeville Memorial. Speaking with members of Gathering of Eagles; it was discussed that any extra money collected would be pooled for repair to other Memorial sites.


spree said...

Thanks for the update

Interested said...

Any update by chance?

Rhotel1 said...

This destruction is very sad. The defacing of the monument at the Court House, the theft of the plaque and the damage to the Beeville memorial. What, however, has been found out about who did this and why? It would be good if this site posted that information as well. Has anyone been indicted, plead guilty or been convicted of these crimes? Is there a common thread? Some on the net immediately blame certain people of a different political persuasion, but many of them are veterans too, and I sincerely doubt that is the cause. I am, however, most interested in learning if one has been found. Thank you.